Indoor Playground Franchises: More Than a Ball Pit

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Today’s parents understand how important extracurricular activities are for their children, not only to burn off excess energy and get exercise, but also mental stimulation and engagement. As such, indoor playground franchises have become so much more than climbing frames and ball pits. 

They’re intended as places parents can engage their children, stimulate them mentally and physically, and build healthy habits for the future. 

Parents are willing to go the extra mile to find these playground franchises in order to give their children the best possible extracurricular programs to keep them happy, moving, and stimulated by real-world activities.

What is an Indoor Playground Franchise?

An indoor playground can mean anything from a trampoline park, skate park, or playground with climbing equipment like jungle gyms, merry-go-rounds, and slides. Plenty of indoor playground franchises have developed over the last few years. Many of them target specific audiences, such as:

  • Parents with toddlers looking for a safe, educational place for their children to socialize
  • Children interested in specific activities, such as trampolining, indoor climbing, or more recently, parkour.

Some indoor playground franchises have different themes, like those designed for STEM-specific activities or camps. These include: Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. There are even some playground franchises centered around central toys and pieces of equipment, like building blocks that come in all shapes and sizes and are designed for imaginative play. Another example is indoor playground franchises centered around art, music, or drama.

Why Consider Investing in an Indoor Playground Franchise?

Is an indoor playground franchise a good choice for you? While that’s something only you can answer, we can take a look at several common questions that can help you decide.

Is an Indoor Playground Profitable?

To understand profitability in the indoor playground industry, we have to understand a bit about the market to know what makes a successful indoor playground franchise. 

To thrive, these businesses need:

  • A desirable location with a community that has the customer base that can support the business.
  • The activities that will attract the target audience—the kids—who will want to be involved with the business.
  • The package or pricing structure parents can afford so the services are accessible to families.

Once you’ve determined which indoor playground franchise you’re investing in, there are multiple considerations that factor into profitability. Of course the site itself will play a large role in determining expenses, as will necessary equipment. There are also utilities, overhead, and staffing costs that factor into the indoor playground franchise cost. 

What Type of Revenue Streams are Available?

What will offset these expenditures will be revenue streams—the more, the better. Many indoor playgrounds can benefit from offering event space for birthday parties and merchandise sales. Some playgrounds, like trampoline parks, make quite a lot of revenue on food and drink sales and sock sales.

For indoor playgrounds that are more of a classroom or summer camp style, they benefit from an enrollment or membership model, which means a steady revenue stream that can be more predictable.

Are children’s play franchises profitable to own? They very much can be, with inventive, recurring revenue streams that outweigh expenses.

Benefits of Owning a NinjaTrix Indoor Playground Franchise

One indoor playground franchise that’s catching on thanks to the rising popularity of ninja sports is NinjaTrix. Our 24-month curriculum is designed to teach children ages 4-12 the skills they need to build strength, stamina, and agility alongside boosting their confidence and self-esteem. Parents love the program because of its crafted design that gives their children a structured opportunity to progress through achievements. Students love our program because it has them kickin’, flippin’, and trickin’ in no time flat.

Franchise owners love the investment because NinjaTrix gives them the chance to join a promising indoor playground franchise with a professional leadership team that’s ready to take them to the next level, too. Not only have we got decades of experience running thriving martial arts franchise and gymnastics-based programs, we know how to promote our brand in the communities we serve, and we love building those relationships so everyone benefits. 

The NinjaTrix franchise model is designed to scale quickly, with a membership model that’s ready to bring students in on Day 1. The additional revenue streams of a Pro Shop and fantastic birthday parties not only help the bottom line but also spread the word to the community about NinjaTrix and what we do.

Franchise owners with NinjaTrix receive extensive support, too. We’re instructors at heart, so we’ll guide our franchisees through each step of the opening and beyond. The franchise itself requires a relatively small footprint—as little as 2,500 sq ft—which helps franchise owners keep expenses reasonable, and helps speed up ROI. 

Is an indoor playground a good investment? With NinjaTrix, it definitely can be. Parents love our curriculum for instilling confidence and fitness habits in their children. Our students love it for the excitement of kickin’, flippin’, and trickin’. 

Are you ready to bring a kids gym franchise to your community, build lasting relationships, and get in on the ground floor of this incredible indoor playground franchise opportunity? Call today for more information!