Kickin', Flippin', and Trickin'

Bring your NinjaTrix Youth Sports Franchise to the Mat

High Potential. Higher Reward.

Kids just want to run, jump, kick, flip, and spin. That’s what kids do! NinjaTrix takes all that bursting energy and gives it some structure with a proprietary curriculum that gets kids fit, while teaching life skills parents appreciate. This is a high energy concept you’re going to feel great about bringing to your community.

After thorough training to open your Ninja Trix studio, you will:

Ninjas Need Space

You will need approximately 2,500 square feet of studio space, which includes 1,000 square feet of training floor space to give your Ninjas plenty of room to kick, flip, and trick in your youth sports franchise location! Plus, you’ll include an additional 250 square feet of party room space, with enough room to check families in and out of class.

We’ll guide you through the whole process. You’ll be amazed at how quickly your NinjaTrix training studio will come together!

Imagine Your Studio:

We seek financially qualified business professionals who sincerely enjoy working with kids. NinjaTrix is a youth sports franchise full of high energy and positivity! If you can bring that to the table, we can’t wait to talk with you about our opportunity.

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