A New Spin on a Kids Gym Franchise

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Kids have boundless energy. They want to jump, kick, swing, and play. Kids Gym franchises harnessing that energy is always a good thing. Turning that energy into a positive impact on a kid’s self-esteem and confidence is taking an Kids Gym franchise to a whole new level.

Are Kids Gym Franchises Profitable to Own?

They can be, but much of this depends on the details of specific franchise opportunities. Several questions you must ask yourself regarding the franchise can help narrow down an investment’s profitability.

Does the Kids Gym Franchise Require a Lot of Upfront Expense to Set Up?

Significant equipment and build-out costs, large site requirements, extensive training, and a large staff to operate—these requirements can mean a significant outlay of expenses in the beginning during the franchise investment’s launch phase.

As such, it can take longer for the franchise to produce a return on investment. Consider carefully if the cash required to sustain those crucial opening months is something you can manage through the timeline of potential profitability.

Are you in a desirable area for an Kids Gym business?

Would your city and state support Kids Gym franchises? Is there a market for such a business model? Are many parents seeking such programs, and is there a growing demand for more customers to support this business model?

If you can answer yes with reasonable surety, an Kids Gym business in your area could potentially be profitable.

Can Pricing Structures be Balanced?

Every business needs to make money to be viable. Would families in your area support the kind of pricing necessary to achieve the profitability of an Kids Gym franchise?

Does your business model support pricing flexibility like day passes or membership models to diversify how you charge for goods and services?

Additional revenue streams may also help with pricing questions. Kids Gym franchises lend themselves well to birthday parties, merchandise, and even concessions, depending on the Kids Gym type.

How to Select a Good Kids Gym Franchise Opportunity

Consider What Parents Will Look For in a Children’s Franchise

Parents seeking a place for their children for after-school programs, summer camps, or childcare while they’re working will be interested in specific features:

  • What interests their children?
  • Does the facility offer developmental opportunities?
  • Will the facility give their kids a place to play and burn energy?
  • Are there enrichment opportunities?

Aside from the expense, parents are most interested in somewhere engaging, where their kids can learn and grow and practice healthier habits.

In years past, organized sports have fulfilled many of these requirements, but budget cuts and lack of interest have participation rates declining.

According to Project Play, 56.1% of kids ages 6-171 participated in after-school sports or sports lessons in 2019. In 2020, the same age group experienced a 2% drop in participation, according to the CDC, playing sports at a rate of 54.1%2.

Families seek enriching and engaging after-school and summer programs that don’t necessarily follow the usual traditional sports program model. There’s room for creativity in the kids’ play franchise industry.

Consider what will fulfill you as a business owner

When considering what type of children’s franchise to open, what’s the most enjoyable for you as an investor? Answering a series of questions can help narrow that down, as well.

  1. What business types will be the most rewarding? What categories are you passionate about that could engage kids and attract them to your franchise?
  2. Are you interested in community involvement with your business? Some franchises lend themselves more to interacting with local organizations than others, and some business owners thrive in that environment.
  3. Are you willing to consider a franchise with a new business plan to your market, or do you require something more established?

These questions can help you determine which franchise would be a good fit for your personality beyond just whether you qualify for their franchise disclosure requirements.

Why Consider a NinjaTrix Franchise?

For Parents

NinjaTrix allows children to learn how powerful physical activity, strength, and agility can be, which builds discipline, confidence, and respect—lessons they’ll carry with them for life.

We’re taking the kids’ gym franchise to a whole new level by picking up the slack where traditional sports are losing ground. Ninja sports focus on martial arts, gymnastics, and parkour in a way kids are really excited about.

NinjaTrix also teaches kids the art of believing in themselves, building confidence and self-esteem, and instilling healthier habits for a lifetime.

NinjaTrix is more than a babysitter, a jungle gym, or a place for children to climb play areas for a few hours while their parents work.

💪 We have created a 24-month curriculum where our members “level up” and earn achievements. We teach children ages 4-12 how to make and reach goals and stretch for the next level so they never stop growing.

NinjaTrix is a fantastic alternative to traditional sports for children not excited about throwing, catching, or getting goals with a ball or puck.

🧘 We’re also remarkable additional training for athletes interested in leveling up their performance in traditional sports; we help by enhancing balance, agility, and strength—and everyone benefits from a confidence boost!

For Business Owners Seeking Franchise Opportunities

NinjaTrix is a potentially rewarding business opportunity for franchise investors looking to open their own Kids Gym business in a growing industry where kids are enamored with Ninja sports.

Different from our competitors, however, the NinjaTrix franchise model doesn’t require a 15,000-square-foot arena for enormous obstacles and an immense outlay of investment capital to get started.

The NinjaTrix franchise can be operated out of a site as small as 2,500 square feet thanks to our changeable obstacle course equipment. As for the cost to become part of the NinjaTrix franchise family, the initial investment ranges between $224,600 and $381,500. This includes the $49,500 franchise fee.

We supply our franchise owners with everything necessary to run their NinjaTrix location with our extensive support and training program during the launch phase.

After the grand opening, franchise owners receive ongoing support through our confidential operations manual as well as continued support from the NinjaTrix leadership team. We’re truly a family brand that operates as one.

Take the Next Step

Suppose the education and enrichment of children sounds like an amazing gateway to owning a business and bringing success and confidence into kids’ lives. In that case, then perhaps owning a NinjaTrix franchise is your next step. Get started today with more information!


2 Source: “Organized Sports Participation Among Children Aged 6–17 Years: United States, 2020