Looking for a Good Business to Start in Florida? Look No Further

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A savvy investor doesn’t always begin a great investment with the perfect business idea. Sometimes, the gem of the business is its location, and the business plan is layered in based on what types of businesses work for that area. For example, what is a good business to start in Florida?

Why is a Franchise a Good Business to Start in Florida?

One of the best types of businesses that Florida is good for is the franchise. But why is a franchise a good business to start in Florida? There are several reasons:

  • There’s no state income tax. Other taxes, such as corporate income tax rate, and state and local sales tax rates, will apply, but from a business and franchising perspective, Florida is very tax friendly.
  • Florida’s population is growing and attracts large numbers of tourists each year. Depending on the franchise industry, this could bode well for a franchise business idea in Florida.
  • Utility prices are below the US average, meaning average overhead expenses for a business to start in Florida would be reduced. 

For these and many more reasons, Florida attracts investors from around the nation for lucrative opportunities. The mild temperatures all year round and beautiful scenery certainly helps, as does a popular and vibrant food scene and multicultural population with a diversity of backgrounds.

The next logical questions, then, could be what are the top 5 small businesses to start? Or perhaps what sells the most in Florida? 

What Franchise Types are Good Businesses to Start in Florida

Based on Florida’s population demographics, geographical location, climatology, and tourism numbers, certain franchise industries will have better chances to flourish in Florida than others. Here are some franchises that are good businesses to start in Florida right now.

Pool Services

Unsurprisingly, a franchise servicing swimming pools is a very good business to start in Florida. The climate and number of homes with pools, and the population with the discretionary income to afford pool services, is alive and well in Florida.

Real Estate and Hospitality

People are traveling again in the wake of the pandemic, though they’re keeping a little closer to home. Florida’s shores are bustling with Americans wanting a warm vacation without the fear of international travel. Hotels and resorts are booking up again.

Bars and Restaurants

Florida’s food and nightlife is legendary, eclectic, and frequently a tourist draw of its own. It pairs well with beach tourism, and while it can be a crowded industry, franchising bars and restaurants in Florida is always a risk worth taking for a big payoff.

In-Home Senior Care

Florida is quite the comfortable home for many people in their golden years. They also have every intention of living those years in their homes, and as such, the services of in-home senior care franchises are invaluable to these families. 

Kids’ Gyms and After School Activities

Florida is a hub for Mixed-Martial Arts in the US. There is also a growing population of kids in need of after-school programs, thanks to shrinking school funding and programs for children. Coinciding with a huge spike in interest in Ninja sports thanks to shows like American Ninja Warrior, kids gyms franchises that specialize in Ninja sports curriculums that combine martial arts, gymnastics, and parkour are catching on like never before.

The Advantages of Opening a NinjaTrix Franchise 

Let’s talk about that last one as a good business to start in Florida. NinjaTrix, one of Florida’s leading Ninja sports franchise brands, has a franchise model centered around helping kids while providing franchisees an opportunity to build an incredible business with good ROI.

The Curriculum

At the heart of the NinjaTrix franchise model is the 24-month curriculum that has our kids kickin’, trickin’, and flippin’ toward character building goals and athleticism. Parents don’t simply leave their children with us for a few hours here and there. Our students come to NinjaTrix to develop skills and enhance their strength, agility, perseverance, stamina, and even how to overcome failing. 

Our curriculum is a proven 24-month progression where students learn techniques from gymnastics, martial arts, and parkour to build physical and mental skills. They reach milestones and level-up as they go rather than finishing an obstacle course and asking, “What now?” Our students are engaged long-term.

The Franchise Model

For franchise owners, this is a good business to start (in Florida) because it means memberships with the students are enduring, and we build lasting relationships with the kids and their parents. The franchise model is a stable revenue stream throughout the curriculum.

But what if an investor has never coached? That’s okay. We don’t expect everyone who signs a franchising agreement to be coach material right away. That’s where our franchise support comes in.

Each franchisee receives:

  • Training in 3 comprehensive phases to complete their understanding of how their NinjaTrix franchise operates
  • Studio Selection and Buildout support. Our facilities aren’t massive, 15,000 square foot arenas like you’d expect for Ninja sport obstacle courses. We have a small footprint, and we can help you get set up with vetted vendors for the proper equipment to get started.
  • On-site training and ongoing support that continues after signing. You’ll be at our flagship studio for your initial training, but after that, we come to you for your grand opening. Community outreach is a big part of our franchise model to spread the word and help build your student roster. It’s all part of the NinjaTrix business plan.
  • Comprehensive resources, including our confidential operations manual and technology tools to help you smoothly run your NinjaTrix franchise so you can concentrate more on your students and less on administrative stuff.
  • Community outreach training and marketing guidance. Outreach is a huge part of our business plan, reaching out to local businesses, schools, childcare centers, sports organizations, and the wider community. We want you set up with a membership roster before you even open your doors.

The Investment

Another way we’re a good business to start in Florida and beyond is our investment price. NinjaTrix is affordable!

The initial investment ranges between $263,100 and $458,600, which includes the $49,500 franchise fee. 

Not only are the numbers attractive, but the market is primed for Ninja sports and kids gyms. The NinjaTrix obstacle courses are versatile, and they can be changed to keep kids involved and excited about their sport for the long-term. 

With additional revenue streams like our Pro Shop and birthday parties, NinjaTrix franchises are rising on the lists of good businesses to start in Florida. Could this be your next business adventure? Contact us today for more information!