Franchise Training: Empower Your Growth With Expert Support

Leverage your business through franchise training & support.

Expert Training and Support: The Backbone of Successful Franchise Growth

A comprehensive franchise training program plays a crucial role in offering the necessary support for:

  • Replicating
  • Representing
  • Growing a chosen brand 

Our overarching objective is  about molding new franchisees into entrepreneurial dynamos. We strive to arm you with the skills, knowledge, and passion you need to not only succeed, but to thrive and grow your territory. 

Our 3 Phase Approach to Franchisee Success

Preliminary Learning

Before setting out for on-site training, during this first, preliminary phase of onboarding, you will immerse yourself in a series of videos and educational materials that you are required to complete before moving on to the next phase of training.

Phase 1 is required for an owner and the Operating Principal.


On-Site Training

On-Site Training offers a six-day intensive training at our affiliate’s location. Typically held no more than two weeks before the Studio’s Grand Opening. this phase encompasses detailed instruction, shadowing of operations, and hands-on experience. 

Phase 2 is required for an owner and the Operating Principal. It is optional for the Lead Instructor 

Lead Instructor Training

In this final phase of training,  generally held no later than two weeks prior to the Grand Opening, the spotlight is on the Lead Instructor.  It includes a dedicated six-day training. If you receive our permission, you may also send additional instructors for training.

Phase 3 is required for the Lead instructor even if they participated in Phase 2.

Franchise training typically involves trainers who have been hired and specifically trained in onboarding new franchisees. These members of the franchise team are passionate about helping franchisees thrive long term. In some cases the trainer could be the founders themselves. 

The training they offer ensures an essential knowledge transfer necessary to align the franchisees’ business values with that of their chosen brand and teach the fundamentals of the business that is the secret to their success.

Consistency ensures that every franchisee upholds and reflects the core values and standards of the brand, creating a unified customer experience across all locations.

This uniformity not only builds trust among consumers but also fortifies the brand’s reputation and identity. When franchisees are consistently trained, it leads to smoother operations, reduced misunderstandings, and a stronger overall network, making the brand resilient and reliable in the eyes of both stakeholders and customers.

A comprehensive introduction to the franchise business is crucial for setting the stage for success. It provides new franchisees with a holistic understanding of the brand’s ethos, operational procedures, and expectations. It helps them make informed decisions, that align with the brand’s vision, and gives them the tools to navigate challenges effectively. 

By fostering entrepreneurial skills, people management, and brand consistency, franchisees are well-prepared for the challenges and rewards of franchising.

3 Benefits of Franchise Training

A comprehensive and well organized franchise training program empowers franchisees, providing them with the essential skills, insights, and confidence necessary to flourish in their franchise ventures.

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