Playful Progress: Why Kids’ Fitness is Key for Growing Ninjas

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When most parents think of physical and recreational activities for their children, images of cars full of equipment, dirty cleats and time spent cheering from the sidelines come to mind. But there’s more to kids’ fitness than your typical team activities…

Enter the world of NinjaTrix: a new space where the fusion of martial arts, agility, and imagination takes center stage to captivate the minds and bodies of young people looking to embark on a fun and formative kids’ fitness journey. 

At NinjaTrix, children lay foundations in gymnastics, martial arts, and parkour while also developing important life skills like respect, kindness, and self-confidence. All these skillsets are critical in early childhood development, transferrable to traditional team sports and in the classroom.  

Benefits of Kids’ Fitness in Early Childhood Development  

Develops Hand Eye Coordination

Research shows that physical activity provides children with a wide variety of benefits at all ages and skill levels. One such benefit that NinjaTrix’s unique take on early childhood development offers is the chance for young kids to develop fine motor skills in both sides of the brain. Fine motor skills include crucial milestones such as reaching, grasping, vision, and hand-eye coordination.

Improved Concentration

One of the most important skills for children to develop is the ability to actively listen and observe. Gymnastics, parkour and martial arts require full engagement, encouraging children to focus and master the sequences, techniques and movements of their chosen sport.

Discipline & Respect

Sports and group activities offer formative experiences for athletes of all ages and skill levels. When a child enters the world of NinjaTrix, kicks and flips aren’t the only thing they’ll learn. To master any physical skill, self-discipline and respect for teachers are crucial to maintain. NinjaTrix makes learning equal parts fun and rewarding at every lesson.

Confidence & Character

Growing in your chosen sport or extracurricular is a great way to grow into your own person! Studies show that physical activity has amazing long-term effects on children’s self-confidence and sense of character. Working towards a goal and celebrating milestones along the way is truly fantastic for character building!

Memorization & Commitment

It takes hard work and dedication to advance in any sport. With NinjaTrix, retention and attention to detail are two crucial areas to focus on to achieve success. Being able to focus and master all maneuvers, poses and sequences not only helps children succeed in their sport, but lays the foundations for success in school and life beyond!

Teamwork & Social Skills

Group activities and sports are fantastic for early childhood development and building social skills. At NinjaTrix, kids of all ages and skill levels can make friends, uplift one another and learn the value of teamwork alongside all the incredible skills they’ll learn when they start on their NinjaTrix journey. 


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