3 Reasons Starting a Business in NC is a Smart Choice

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If you live in the Tar Heel State and you are interested in starting a business in NC, there’s good news! North Carolina is one of the best states in all of the US for businesses.

Here are three reasons why starting a small business in NC is a great investment, and why you should consider one business in particular.

Reason #1 For Starting a Business in NC

One of the Country’s Strongest Economies

Each year, US news outlet CNBC conducts a study to rank the states for prospective businesses based on 88 different metrics, including things like workforce, quality of life, transportation, cost of living, technology, level of education, health, and business friendliness.

Since the list’s inception, North Carolina has been ranked in the top 10 nearly yearly! In 2022, NC reached the top spot for starting a business in NC.

Among the reasons for this is the workforce. Underpinned by a network of public and private universities and local community colleges that create a well-educated and talented employee pool. Business owners starting a business in NC credit their employees with running a great business.

The state’s credit rating is solid, and the economy grew by 7% in 2021. Job growth since January 2021 was 5.2%, among the nation’s strongest numbers.

This is also due to technology and innovation. North Carolina institutions are among the foremost recipients of the National Science Foundation and the National Institutes of Health funding research. A new metric in the study, cryptocurrency mining, also contributed to this year’s ranking.

Reason #2 for Starting a Business in NC

North Carolina is Franchise Friendly

Some of the best business investments can be found in North Carolina, thanks to favorable terms for businesses. Before you begin, finding out how to start a small business in NC is important. First, consider whether you plan to invest in a franchise or an independent business.

North Carolina is franchise friendly because it is the state with the lowest corporate income tax rate in the country, just 2.5%. This tax rate will gradually decline until it’s reduced to 0% by 2030.

Do you need a business license to start a business in NC? As long as the franchise is federally trademarked, North Carolina does not require the business to be registered with the North Carolina Secretary of State in that situation.

If you’re not yet federally trademarked and you need a business license, how much does a business license cost in NC? Great news! There’s no fee.

North Carolina is incredibly favorable for franchises and entrepreneurs starting a business in NC through franchising opportunities.

Reason #3 for Starting a Business in NC

There’s a Rich History with Sports and Sports-Related Enterprises

The UNC at Chapel Hill mascot is the Tar Heel, the same as the state’s nickname. When North Carolinians think of sports, they invariably think of two sports: college basketball or stock car racing. It can even be argued that NC is the birthplace of stock car racing.

North Carolina also has a rich history in multiple sporting activities, beyond the above-mentioned. College football, professional golf, competitive fresh- and saltwater fishing, and even wrestling all have solid ties to the Tar Heel state.

For astute investors starting a business in NC and looking to break into the sports industry is a safe bet. Not only are North Carolinians dialed into the sports sector as spectators, but they’re also invested as participants. With the Appalachians in their backyard, many state residents partake in outdoor and sporting activities to stay healthy and competitive.

Own a NinjaTrix Business in North Carolina: How to Start a Small Business in NC

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