Kickin’, Flippin’, and Trickin’: The NinjaTrix Franchise Beginning

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Most people, when they start a kids’ gym franchise, begin with a concept fully formed and an idea of how to attract the interest of children and their parents to the business.

For the NinjaTrix franchise, it was the other way around. The spark of passion came first from the kids, and owner Steve Butts recognized that spark for what it was—the genuine desire to become ninjas!

No, not the type of ninjas in Hollywood movies. This was something different, a love for ninja-style moves and agility for an entirely new sport. It was the start of a new children’s play franchise called NinjaTrix, and it’s taking everyone—kids, their parents, and franchise investors alike—by storm.

The NinjaTrix Franchise’s Humble Beginnings

The NinjaTrix franchise grew organically when Steve first observed the kids in his martial arts program performing a certain type of gymnastics. Steve has owned multiple martial arts schools in the Pensacola, FL area over his 35 year career as an instructor and dojo owner, so when he spied his students’ interest in something new, he paid attention. He just wasn’t yet sure what the source of their inspiration was.

Something else Steve was keenly aware of is that interest in non-traditional sports is growing. His enrollment numbers had been climbing, and kids and their parents had been looking for something more than the usual after-school programs. He’d also seen increased interest online in parkour videos. Still, there was a missing piece.

Until one night when his wife was channel surfing. She briefly stopped on American Ninja Warriors, and that’s when it clicked for Steve what his students were doing: they were emulating those ninja moves!

In the following days at his dojo, he studied his students, their enthusiasm, and their emulation of the ninja moves they’d seen on TV. Unfortunately, he could tell they were teaching themselves, and they weren’t doing so safely.

To encourage proper form and function, Steve began including professional gymnastics instruction, trampolines, and spring floors in his schools so they could learn the fundamentals. He brought on gymnastics coaching expert Sara McBride, and from there, the beginning of the NinjaTrix franchise began to take shape.

Developing the NinjaTrix Franchise Program… Not Your Average Children’s Play Franchise

Steve is a big believer in the Japanese concept of kaizen or the practice of continuous improvement. He could feel that there was more possibility here than simply incorporating some ninja-style moves into the current teachings at his martial arts school. Sara agreed.

Some of the students weren’t interested in either martial arts or gymnastics; they wanted a combination that defied both categories, with added elements of parkour that couldn’t be defined any other way than “ninja” sports. The NinjaTrix franchise program became its own definition.

Together, Steve and Sara developed a 24-month curriculum that today makes up the NinjaTrix franchise program. It’s designed to stay with the students as they grow in their abilities to kick, flip, and trick while learning life skills, self-discipline, confidence, and perseverance.

The program allows students to level up as they achieve milestones and are promoted once they’ve mastered techniques taken from martial arts, gymnastics, and parkour. They’re guided through both mental and physical teachings that build confidence, endurance, strength, agility, balance and give the students tools to face adversity.

The NinjaTrix franchise program is designed to instill healthy habits and show kids a greater pathway to success they can draw upon throughout their lives.

The NinjaTrix Kids Gym Franchise Model is a Positive Leap for Investors

It’s not just the students’ success that’s impacted by the potential gains of the NinjaTrix franchise model. The NinjaTrix brand is well-positioned for franchising, with extensive support and training modules that allow franchisees to scale up the business quickly.

The NinjaTrix model itself is designed to be a competitive indoor playground franchise that is more than a place for parents to drop their children off and then pick them up after only a few hours of play, never to return again.

NinjaTrix is where families bring their children regularly as part of the 24-month curriculum, and those families become a part of the NinjaTrix community, building relationships not only with the coaches and staff, but with each other as the kids get to know the program, the teachers, and each other.

The NinjaTrix franchise agreement kickstarts extensive training and an opening procedure that involves the ultimate guidance to bring a NinjaTrix kids franchise to life in the franchisee’s hometown. Franchisees don’t need to be martial arts instructors or gymnastics experts when they sign their franchise agreement; we’re in the coaching business, so we’ll give our franchisees everything they need from the very start.

This includes a pre-opening membership drive and community involvement from the beginning, so each franchise opens with students ready to begin kickin’, flippin’, and trickin’ right away. The long-term curriculum means students are in it for more than a few sessions, and the revenue stream is steady and grows with enrollment. There are also multiple revenue streams to diversify the business’s income, including

  • Student enrollment in the NinjaTrix curriculum
  • Birthday parties
  • Pro-shop retail merchandising
  • Special event scheduling

The NinjaTrix franchise can open in a relatively small space—2,500 sq ft—because the course equipment is versatile and can be arranged to fit. Investors don’t need to fit their NinjaTrix franchise into a massive 15,000-square-foot space to have their students find their balance, power, and inner strength.

NinjaTrix kid gyms franchise is great for communities and families seeking:

  • New and unique after-school activities for students
  • Engaging activities that build confidence and health in their youth
  • Long-term programs that keep kids engaged and grow with the student both in mental and physical capacities

If investing in a franchise that has a positive impact on today’s youth, their families, and your community while pulling off some amazing ninja moves sounds like the kind of investment worth flipping for, then the NinjaTrix franchise model may be just what you’re looking for. Contact us today for more information!