Is a Kids Gym Franchise Too Soon to Start Fitness Goals?

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Parents are often enthusiastic about ways to keep their children active, engaged, and happily involved with other kids in their age group. It’s one reason youth sports are so popular, even for kids as young as three or four. 

What parents don’t often consider is a kids’ gym franchise as an option for fitness and engagement in physical activity and learning skills that will serve their children for a lifetime. 

Gyms seem more like an adult place to get exercise and stay in shape. However, some kids gym franchises, have programs and curriculums specifically designed for children. 

Here are three reasons, with a gym like NinjaTrix, it’s never too late to get kids into fitness! But first, what is ninja or martial arts kids franchise?

A New Kind of Kids Gym Franchise

Why should parents even consider a kids gym franchise like a ninja or martial arts franchise? Well, firstly, these types of proposals aren’t your typical gym.

Not only a gym, a Kids Martial Arts Franchise

NinjaTrix began through the specialized insight of Steve Butts, founder of multiple martial arts dojos in Pensacola, FL over the last 35 years. He noticed his students emulating what they called “ninja moves” and discovered they came from the TV show American Ninja Warrior

As a master of good form and mechanics, Steve recognized the foundation of these moves—a mix of martial arts, gymnastics, and parkour—and also noted that his students were teaching themselves, and not altogether safely.

So with his business partner and gymnastics coach, Sara McBride, they harnessed their students’ interest and developed the ninja kids gym franchise curriculum and began a new style of kids’ gym franchise, designed to get kids kickin’, trickin’, and flippin’ toward fitness goals that keep them physically and mentally challenged in a safe and exciting way.

The curriculum is designed around ninja sports and obstacles courses to teach kids strength, agility, stamina, persistence, and even how to fall and keep getting up to try again. The curriculum is a 24-month progression that allows students to level up their discipline as they achieve each milestone. 

Reason #1 A Children Fitness Franchise for Early Age Success

According to the CDC, children ages 6-17 need to be active for 60 minutes each day for healthy growth and development.

Most younger kids do this naturally, running, jumping, swinging, and playing hard during their school recess. These moves translate well to ninja sports, so a kids gym franchise is a natural progression to focus these abilities into a more structured curriculum without it feeling unusual or hard to learn.

Not only that, but giving children a way to celebrate their achievements and advance them to the next level as they grow with the curriculum is a reward that infuses positivity in the fitness experience.

By surrounding fitness activities with encouragement, reward, and positivity, this instills healthy habits early for children, and gives kids a leg up for a lifetime of healthy living ahead.

Reason #2 A Kids Gym Franchise Opportunity: An Uptrend

Interest in team sports is down significantly. The Aspen Institute reported that in 2018, 38% of children ages 6-12 participated in organized sports. Ten years earlier, that number was 45%. 

The reasons are attributed to a multitude of factors. Many community-based programs with a more laid-back nature have closed, leaving only club sports where the fees become prohibitive, the competition is fierce, and the time commitment required is heavy duty. 

Many of these programs are geared toward preparing participants for scholarships in college that could funnel them into professional careers. 

As a result, participation in non-traditional sports, like martial arts and gymnastics are on the rise. Finding a kids gym franchise that combines them and has a structured curriculum to keep their interest for 24 months? That’s exciting! 

Kids gym franchises are places parents can trust to show their children the right way to kick, flip, and trick so they remain safe while still having fun and getting a great workout at the same time!

Reason #3 Kaizen, a Unique Kids Franchise Business Model

At martial arts kids gym franchises, programs tend to gravitate toward more than just fitness; they teach discipline, respect, and perseverance. Helping students find their footing and learn what they can do in ways that build self-confidence. These are skills they can take with them for life.

A popular teaching is the Japanese concept of kaizen—the practice of continuous improvement.

These techniques translate well not only to overcoming the physical obstacles in kids gym franchises, but as our students learn what they can achieve, they grow their confidence in themselves and build a sense of accomplishment. They begin to believe in themselves.

Children franchise students learn to set goals, strategize ways to achieve those goals, and create plans to tackle those goals. Even if their first attempt doesn’t succeed, they learn how to keep discouragement from getting to them, and they try again. These are skills that serve them well in many areas of life.

Reason Investors Should Consider a Kids’ Gym Franchise for Themselves

For franchise investors, owning a kids gym franchise such as a martial art is an incredibly rewarding experience. 

Firstly, becoming a part of the NinjaTrix family is something we’re incredibly passionate about. We are a tight-knit group of people who love what we do for our students. Sharing the common goal of getting kids kickin’, flippin’, and trickin’ with our franchisees, spreading that feeling of accomplishment with more people is rewarding in and of itself.

We’re coaches at heart, so we’re happy to bring on franchisees of all experience levels. Our franchise model is designed to provide franchisees with everything necessary to implement our NinjaTrix kids gym franchise system to families.

How Much Does it Cost to Open a Gym Franchise

The initial investment estimate ranges between $263,100 and $458,600. This includes a $49,500 franchise fee.

 It’s not as expensive as you might think, and that’s in part because we don’t require an enormous facility like some other ninja sport gyms may need. Our facilities can fit in as little as 2,500 square feet because our equipment is versatile and can be arranged and rearranged to keep the kids engaged throughout their curriculum.

With the program we offer our students, franchisees will also experience a membership model with the families who join, ensuring a stable revenue stream. There are also revenue streams through Pro Shop sales and birthday parties that make this a good kids gym franchise opportunity.

If becoming part of a franchise brand that builds kids up and helps them achieve great things while they have a great time and build healthy habits for their future sounds good to you, consider investing in your own NinjaTrix kids gym franchise. You won’t regret it!